JS Retarder Medium.jpeg


RM 54.60


  • As a painting 
  • To delay drying time
  • Antiquing medium

Practice techniques before committing to a project. 

-To use Retarder as a painting medium, lightly moisten brush with retarder before picking up paint.

-For a longer working time, Retarder may also be applied directly to a prepared surface. A mop brush may be used to ensure an even application.

-Mix Retarder directly into palette colours beginning with a ratio of 1 part paint to 3 parts colour to delay the drying time of the paint. (A barrier of Clear Glaze Medium is recommanded before antiquing)

-Thin paint with Retarder to use as an antiquing medium. Ratio is determinded by strength of colour desired. Begin with 1 part paint to 1 part Retarder. Apply over painted surface then wipe off to produce an age effect. Use small amount of retarder on cloth to removed excess.

-Allow 48hrs drying before varnishing. A hair dryer may be used to speed surface drying. An extanded dry and cure time shoud be allowed which may vary due to humidity and climatic conditions.