RM 312.90

Created from the finest quality pigments, Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylics are water-resistant and contain ASTM lightfast pigments to ensure they will not fade over time. They have superb handling and brushing characteristics, will not chip or crack and dry to a velvet matte finish. Jo Sonja Decorative Painting System offers quality acrylic artists' colours plus a range of exciting mediums to allow them to be used on virtually any surface from paper and card, canvas, wood, glass, ceramics, fabrics and more. All products in the range are compatible and clean up with mild soap and cool water.

Set contains 24 X 20ml colours

1. Carbon Black 2. Dioxazine Purple 3. Amethyst 4. Pthalo Blue 5. Ultramarine Blue 6. Sapphire 7. Aqua 8. Jade 9. Pthalo Green 10. Yellow Green 11. Indian Yellow 12. Cadmium Orange 13. Cadmium Yellow Mid 14. Bisque 15. Burnt Sienna 16. Burnt Umber 17. Brown Earth 18. Permanent Alizarine 19. Brilliant Magenta 20. Napthol Red Light 21. Titanium White 22. Rich Gold 23. Silver 24. Burnished Copper