RM 58.80

Atelier’s Unlocking Formula

Specifically designed to help you control the drying of Atelier Interactive. It allows you to keep your acrylic paint wet for as long as you need. Mix the ‘Unlocking Formula’ into your paint with either a brush or an atomiser spray. This ‘Formula’ will keep your paint wet, it will also re-wet or re-open recently dried paint.

The Best of Both Worlds: For Wet Paint

Whenever you want to keep your Interactive painting wet like oil paint, spray the area you want to work on with Unlocking Formula and you can keep painting as long as you like. Unlocking Formula keeps your paint wet and even rewets paint that has just dried, so you have a lot of latitude and can feel quite relaxed about painting. When you have finished working, the Unlocking Formula dries quickly and you can overpaint if you want to.