Winsor & Newton Residency Promotion

voucher cut out (rectangle) 900 x 470.jpg

We are participating in Winsor & Newton's special promotion for their premium range products in conjunction of  Winsor & Newton Residency Art Competition 2019.

A special offer of 30% is now available at our store in Publika, KL and also on our webstore until 30th November 2019.

Check out the special offers for the products in W&N premium range below:

cotman water colour.jpeg

W&N Cotman Water Colour

cotman water col set.jpeg

W&N Cotman Water Colour Sets

W&N Winton Oil Col.jpeg

W&N Winton Oil Colour

w&N winton oil sets.jpg

W&N Winton Oil Colour Sets

W&N Galeria Acrylic Col.jpeg

W&N Galeria Acrylic Colour

W&N Galeria Acryic Col Sets.jpeg

W&N Galeria Acrylic Colour Sets

Click to order today! Promotion is only up to 30th November 2019!

(For information concerning Winsor & Newton Residency Art Competition 2019, click here).